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Letter to the Future

Contemporary thinkers across disciplines have written a ‘letter to the future’ that has been put inside a time capsule and deposited in an Antarctic glacier. Some contributors have made drawings. It is anticipated that the container will emerge in roughly 1,000 years. No one from the present will see the letters. The messages withdraw into the future.

I have called upon a wide variety of voices across disciplines to write a handwritten letter to the future. The contributors have written their letters with archival materials and each author has chosen their language. Letter to the Future brings together cultural, philosophical, environmental, and scientific collaborators in a work carried by ice and time. The work is beyond any one individual, both in time scale and in ideologies, and it is beyond the human. The substances of the planet are vital materials of this work, which asks us to imagine with renewed sensitivity our time and our place in the history of the earth.

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